Remedial Massage Gladesville

What is Remedial Massage?

Remedial Massage helps to remove waste  products such as lactic acid and  encourages the muscle to take up  oxygen and nutrients which help the  muscles to recover . Sports massage helps to stretch muscle and restore circulation. Deep tissue massage breaks down scar tissue that may have formed  over past injuries.
Sports massage reduces the chance of injury by improving range of motion and flexibility resulting in improved power and performance. The overall objective is to help the  athlete reach optimal performance through injury free performance. One hour of prevention is worth months of cure.

Stress Management

Massage Therapy is one of the best  antidotes for stress. Manipulation of the soft tissue decreases tension, increases the removal of metabolic waste and promotes nutrient delivery to healing tissues. Massage can help improve a weak immune system that has been compromised by  extended periods of stress. From time to time a massage carries the means to help with the treating of varied traumas or disorders which you could be experiencing. By employing numerous therapeutic massage skills, the health related massage therapy may bring pain relief pertaining to complications like Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and others. Massage Therapy can have a positive impact on such things as:


  • Stress Management

  • Symptomatic Relief of Chronic Illness

  • Injury Prevention and Treatment

  • Peak Performance Relief of muscular and emotional tension

  • Alleviation of pain

  • Restlessness

  • Insomnia

  • Increase oxygen & nutrient supply to cells

  • Enhance elimination of metabolic wastes

  • Strengthen muscle and connective tissue

  • Enhance breathing

  • Improve body alignment and joint function and increase efficiency of immune system

Virtually everyone reaps huge benefits from massage, but older clients respond even more dramatically than the young. Besides the many well-known benefits everyone gains from therapeutic massage, the symptoms of many chronic diseases commonly associated with aging can be relieved. These diseases include, Peripheral vascular disease, Arteriosclerosis, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease and Diabetes. Massage also helps increased blood flow through the skin and muscles that helps wash off the stagnated blood and accumulated waste in the skin, muscles and overall body. This effect causes relaxation physically and mentally. The end result is feeling fresh, energetic, and happy.

Headaches and Migraines

Headaches are pain and tension felt in a person’s head.  Most headaches are related to muscular tension and trigger points in muscles which can refer their pain to various points on the head. The headache pain from trigger points is very real and are sometimes resistant to oral pain  relievers. Migraines are a different type of   headache caused by problems with blood vessels and nerves in the brain. There is evidence to suggest that migraines may be caused by muscular problems that will respond to massage therapy.