Peter Lumb - Accredited Podiatrist B.App.Sc. (Pod) (Hons)


Peter is the Principal Podiatrist at Gladesville Healthcare. After graduating from the University of Western Sydney with Honours in 2000, Peter has worked in a diverse range of clinical aspects. After graduating, Peter was the principal podiatrist at the Wingecarribbe community health service in Bowral and helped establish Synergy Healthcare at Sylvania. Peter established himself at Gladesville and, along with Martin McRae, transformed it into the multi-disciplinary practice it is today. In 2000, Peter’s honours research was the first non-American paper to be awarded a prestigious William J. Stickel award for research in podiatric medicine.

Peter has also been heavily involved in the athletic footwear industry for over 15 years. Peter was the National Podiatry Advisor to The Athlete’s Foot Aust & NZ from 2000 until 2010 and has recently established Achillex Australasia, a company responsible for the delivery of sophisticated footwear and athlete assessment technology into the Australian retail and clinical marketplace. Peter continues to consult throughout the retail and athletic footwear industry and is often seen on national television programs delivering professional advices and is a regular on Tony Delroy’s Nightlife program on the ABC.

With an extensive sporting background as a nationally ranked long distance runner and a handy soccer player and golfer, Peter believes the approach to sports medicine and general physical well being can only be achieved by having the best multi disciplined team approach to your care. Peter strives to ensure that the Podiatry services offered at Gladesville Healthcare are second to none and that the business stays ahead of the industry in delivering the most effective management to clients needs.