Elderly Massage Gladesville

Massage for the Elderly

This requires a specific application that is quite different to massage for the younger population. The massage therapist must be knowledgeable of the physiological changes that occur in the aging body.  Massage techniques are different, pressure applied is certainly altered and there must be great sensitivity shown to a patient’s feedback to ensure the massage is comfortable as well as effective.

A natural trend when we age is to become less active and this reduction in physical activity contributes to the reduction of the quality of life experienced by many of our senior citizens. Many studies have shown that elderly massage therapy can be of significant benefit in managing the effects of aging such as arthritis and a host of other physical ailments.

Massage for the elderly assists in:


  • Arthritic pain management & prevention (eg hips, knees, lower back, neck etc)

  • Increased strength and muscle coordination

  • Circulation improvement through the arms and legs

  • Boosting natural energy levels and mental awareness

  • General increases in joint range of motion

  • The treatment of Alzheimer’s patients ( shown to facilitate relaxation and communication)

  • Greatly improving posture by reducing muscle tension

  • Promoting a higher quality of rest, and helps them to sleep deeper and longer

  • Stress management (helps in the management of other medical interventions for various conditions)


Massage for our older patients is a natural, non-surgical solution to many ailments associated with the aging process. It has proven to be an effective complimentary therapy to assist and improve the efficacy of conventional treatments.