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Information for General Practitioners

Referring patients to an Exercise Physiologist:

Research has proven that exercise, at the correct intensity and duration, not only improves quality of life but can decrease the incidence and help manage many health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and dementia. Eligible patients can be referred to an exercise physiologist under a GP Management Plan and a Team Care Arrangement (MBS Item 721 & 723), and for individual or group allied health services chronic disease management plan (MBS Items 10953 and 8100-81125 respectively).


Clients may be eligible for Medicare, WorkCover, DVA, Workers’ Compensation and private health insurance rebates for exercise physiology services.

What services can our Exercise Physiologist provide to your patients?

Exercise physiologists assess, prescribe, supervise & monitor exercise & lifestyle programs designed to achieve specific health outcomes for individuals with a broad range of pathological


Working in collaboration with the general practitioner and the patient’s healthcare team, exercise physiologists will develop and exercise program based on your patient’s current medical status to ensure the exercise program Is both safe and effective in achieving the required health goals - this may include a supervised one-on-one group exercise program.

In addition, our exercise physiologists will work with your patient to help motivate and support them when they commence an exercise program and ensure they have the necessary skills to exercise safely and independently when ready.